Maryann M. Bell


Director of Interactive Development for Cosgrove Associates in New York, New York began January 2014

Cosgrove Associates is a top integrated marketing communications agency focused on financial services.
Clients include Visa, Barclays, NFL, Chase, Apple, US Airways.

  • Creating new processes to help move the agency from print to web, as 70% of the business is now web-based including microsites, landing pages, one-off modules, and emails
  • Introducing new technologies including GoogleDocs, Basecamp, and Skitch for collaboration on web projects
  • Coordinate between clients, third party vendors, agencies, and inter-office teams to create accurate timelines and manage expectations
  • Focus on development, but also consult in concepting, UX, QA, and social media
  • Executed agency's first responsive microsite in 3 weeks, with 33 different views (extra care given to the Steeler's page)
  • Moved all development onto Github for version control
  • Supported browsers all the way down to IE8

Developer + Designer for Tommy John in New York, New York began July 2013

Tommy John is a men's undergarment company that focuses on comfort and innovation. Technically: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, haml, CoffeeScript, Sass, Basecamp, Campaign Monitor, GitHub, Optimizely, Monetate, Mac

  • Responsible for all online front-facing design and implementation, including all website additions and edits, email marketing, display advertisements, and other promotional materials
  • Write code to create the frontend of the website-- using haml, CoffeeScript, and Sass-- along with writing all email HTML
  • Coordinate between third party vendors, interns, and agencies to develop website features and to complete marketing campaigns
  • Set and meet deadlines consistently through organization and efficiency
  • Maintain a responsive website design with a focus on compatibility with mobile devices and tablets
  • Completed a redesign of checkout, taking it from 5 pages to a single, ajax-driven page
  • Created a responsive carousel for homepage, along with designing slides

Developer for Moda Operandi in New York, New York July 2011 - June 2013

Moda Operandi is a high-end fashion e-commerce startup in its second year. Technically: Python w/ Django (backend), PHP (frontend), jQuery, Wordpress, Trello, Sailthru, GitHub, Optimizely, Knockout, mustache, Mac

  • Led a team of 4 developers as Scrum Master while transitioning to Scrum, an agile software development method
  • Utilized Optimizely to do A/B testing on site changes, including a change to the shopping cart that increased checkout starts by 28%
  • Designed a new checkout flow, condensing the payment process from 3 pages to a single page without page reloads
  • Developed MO's magazine using Wordpress
  • Created and coded email templates that increased opens and clickthroughs and decreased customer service complaints
  • Mentored several interns and junior developers
  • Created an iPad web experience-- from concept to comlpetion-- that made it possible to shop a designer's collection directly from the runway during Fashion Week (seen here)
  • Implemented social sharing and login utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Google's APIS

Frontend Developer for Everyday Health, Inc. in New York, New York December 2010 - July 2011

Everyday Health is a flagship health website with a portfolio of over 25 sites, including and Technically: .NET, customized CMS, jQuery, Gigya, Windows

  • Implemented the redesign of the Everyday Health Centers
  • Completed the redesign of
  • Integrated social media into Everyday Health sites using the Gigya platform (Example)
  • Rewrote the code for Everyday Health's Calorie Counter, utilizing ajax to create an interactive and responsive user interface

Lead Frontend Developer for Health Guru, Inc. in New York, New York Fall 2008 - December 2010

Health Guru is a health video provider. Technically: PHP w/ Zend, Mootools, 960 CSS framework, customized CMS, Trac, Subversion, Linux

  • Led a team of 5 web developers through 4 major site revisions
  • Completed Health Guru's last major redesign
  • Designed and developed the UX for many of Health Guru's online products, including the Quiz Application
  • Coordinated design and technology to obtain specs, wires, and design mockups
  • Tracked and managed development with an emphasis on transparency for upper management
  • Responsible for hiring, tracking, teaching, and nicknaming the first tech intern

Freelance for various clients Fall 2007 - present



Experience in product research, data analysis, and product development management

  • Analyze user patterns using Optimizely, Omniture and Google Analytics
  • Manage product development via Trello and Google Drive (for shared spreadsheets and documents)
  • Present using tools such as PowerPoint and Keynote


Experience in user experience design, from wireframes to final design

  • Wireframe with Balsamiq and Google Drive
  • Rapidly prototype with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Design with Adobe CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator, InDesign


Expert knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (jQuery), working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Python

  • Familiar with Sublime, Eclipse, Zend Studio environments as well as command-line
  • Manage version control with Github, and Subversion
  • Track bugs using Trac, Mantis, and Git Issues

Other skills:

Google Hangout; Mac, PC, and Linux Operating systems; Prototype and Mootools JavaScript libraries; Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)


Pennsylvania State University at University Park

Graduated in 3 years with High Distinction in the top 5%, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising

Completed courses at the School of Visual Arts in JavaScript and Information Architecture